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Tarot Readers...a fresh approah and objective perspective
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This ancient art of divination is based on the imagery and symbolism of seventy-eight cards. They represent every element of life: the lessons that we learnt or need to learn, our emotions, our material needs, our environment, etc.

Each card possesses its own meaning permitting to tell you more about yourself, and understand better your present situation and your past to be prepared for the future outcomes.


With the right reader, Tarot cards give you a fresh and objective perspective on any matter. Thanks to the imagery of the cards, your reader will open his/her gut feeling to understand your feelings, wishes, and situation.

At the moment of the reading, the cards chosen will be in harmony with your life and your thoughts. The cards will reveal what is really happening below the surface of events around you.

No matter what is your concern in your personal or professional life, your Tarot reading will help you change your life's path and make the right decisions.


The origin of the Tarot is actually a mystery. Claims have been made for tarot cards' having originated in China, India, or Egypt. It was used in Italy in the fifteenth century as a popular game but this is the furthest we have been able to go back in time.

Later, in the eighteenth century, the images on the cards started to be considered powerful and a link was made between them and Egyptian Mysteries, Hermetic philosophy, the Kabbalah, alchemy and other mystical systems.

In the twentieth century the Tarot was incorporated into the practices of several secret societies.

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